Aims  &  Objectives

We are here to

To maintain a children-centred approach and ensuring their best interests are the main focus of oursupport.

To offer support to single parent’s in accessing other local services where the needs of both theparent and the child cannot be met.

To promote equality & diversity within the business and within the community

To create volunteering & job opportunities to further develop skills and experience and careeropportunities

To provide a high quality service to those accessing the service and to all staff through planned
assessments, reviews, supervisions, continuous community led activities, programmes workshops
and events and maintaining strong partnerships with existing and new organisations.

To provide continuous advice, guidance & support accordingly to the specific needs of the single
parent whether female and/or male between the ages of 16 – 25 in Birmingham with children of any
age by using our services.

To develop a structured-model that works in the best interest for the single parent and child to
improve overall well-being and quality of life.

To empower both single parents and children by promoting independence, a safe environment,
improving emotional, physical and social well being, support with managing finances and exploring
opportunities in both education and employment.
To use different strategic approaches that work best for both the parents and child’s needs.

To support single parents in increasing their confidence, self-esteem and becoming aware of their
full potential by encouraging social activities

To deliver new innovative services at local level, empower local communities and regenerate

disadvantages areas.